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Generation to generatiom

etempostacioglu1907... In one of history's largest empires, a new journey that would continue for generations commenced.  The starting point was Izmir and the first step was taken by Ibrahim Etem Postacioglu by founding Postacioglu Law Office.

The world changed rapidly as new nations emerged from old empires and reformulated their own orders, laws and institutions. Just like it was the case in the Republic of Turkey… The country renewed itself from head to toe, taking its inspiration and model from the West. Postacioglu not only adapted to this course of events but from time to time participated in the process. In a world with redrawn borders, international relations were also reshaped with such a change.

In 1958, second generation Sukru Postacioglu, joined the prospering firm which had taken firm steps forward for fifty years. During the 1960s, the world again entered into a period of rapid change. As mankind expanded its borders to outer space, Turkey adapted a more international outlook. Information and knowledge needed to be continuously updated.

In the 1980s, as technological developments rapidly changed the face of the world, Turkey became familiar with the concept of "vision". The period was marked by new motorways and bridges, increased exports and liberalized imports, important investments, industrial progress, new customs regulations and growing volumes and relations of international trade. In the same period, a representative of the third generation of the family, Etem Postacioglu, joined the management and developed a new vision: to make Postacioglu Law Office a truly international firm in the country where the customs barriers were lowered.

daktiloGlobalization is a defining principle of today's world. Diverse cultures have drawn closer together. National borders have become irrelevant to business. In particular, the European Union and the growing number of multinational giants established new rules for international business. Postacioglu inspired by its long tradition of innovation was ready to meet this challenge.

Postacioglu, acknowledging that each new period brings along its own rules, anticipates the developments and fulfils the necessities of the time earlier. Postacioglu is aware of the significance of a past based upon years, education and common culture. Postacioglu is also conscious about the necessity to well evaluate the changing conditions and to have an innovative understanding so as to be existent in the future.

"To think as a businessman and an attorney at the same time, to work both for and with clients..."

This approach underlies Postacioglu's philosophy, which values reconciliation above all. The overall objective is to reach a solution that satisfies all parties: selection of the right direction facilitates achieving this objective quickly and sensibly. Journeys, whether long or short, should not be left unfinished.

In line with this approach, Postacioglu is constantly developing its services to the clients and offers them a wide range of services.

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