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Year 1995... Paris office was established with the Professor Armand Boukris and Monique Rotenberg. Just like silk road that transmitted for centuries information, ideas and cultures to the west, Postacıoğlu carried its boundaries to international dimensions by means of forming foreign partnerships. Therefore, it could not only provide foreign sourced information and support to its clients, but could also act flexibly.

In the course of time, variation has been added to the referred structuring in Paris by also considering the expectations and needs of the clients. A partnership has been established with Foucaud, Tchekhoff, Pochet & Associes which is one of the best law offices of France, which is included among the “recommended law offices” by Legal500 EMEA and Legal500 Paris. Undoubtedly, these offices, which pursue their partnership in an extremely efficient manner for years and which aim at also the development of the relations of Turkey-France besides practicing law, also serve to the opening of new paths to the new horizons…

Paris office renders service to a large section engaged in commerce and investment such as public institutions, private companies and individuals. The experienced and well-equipped personnel comprised of local attorneys fluent in Turkish and French provides legal support in a wide field such as the corporate and commercial law, labor law, international finance operations, banking law etc.

Postacıoğlu, which has well comprehended that the international borders are only lines indicated on the maps, conducts, within the framework of the developing international relations and commerce, common operations in collaboration with the leading law offices of many countries besides France such as the USA, Italy and England. Furthermore, Postacıoğlu procures support from a board law office network so as to benefit from much more international sources for the sake of its clients and is a member of International Jurists organization where representatives from each and every country are present.

Postacıoğlu is breathlessly continuing its long journey that it took in 1907 to the four corners of the world…

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